Paul Berner
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Here's a photo of Illinois Jacquet's All-Star Big Band back in 1982. From left to right: Illinois, Frank Dunlap, Paul Berner, Benny Bailey, Arnett Cobb, Kai Winding, and Ricky Ford. Not visible are Wild Bill Davis on piano, Wallace Davenport on trumpet, and Curtis Fuller on trombone.

This was a concert in NYC with Lionel Hampton's Orchestra. From left to right: Paul Berner (just visible in the shadows!), Sam Turner, Frank Dunlap, Hamp, Tom Harrell-trumpet, Johnny Walker Jr.-trumpet, Steve Slagle-sax, Barry Rees-trumpet, and Yoshi Maruta-sax.

This is a photo taken on the South Lawn of the White House. Paul was taking part in a "Salute to Lionel Hampton" concert, when two old friends showed up!

A concert with Hamp's band. You can see Frank Dunlap and Paul; in the foreground are trombonists Curtis Fuller and Ed Neumeister.

One of Paul's first concerts with Monty Alexander, in Peoria, Illinois. A piano-bass-guitar trio tour with Emily Remler on guitar.

No, your eyes are not playing tricks. This is when Monty met up with one of his musical heroes: Roy Rogers, the singing cowboy. Ask Paul to tell you the rest of the story someday...

Here is a photo from an outdoor concert in NYC, ca. 1987, with legendary drummer Vernell Fournier, Dave Graf, and Jeff Morgan.

Rock'n'roll nights! New axe, new hair...the late 1980's in NYC, playing with Fred Levine on drums and Rich Keller on bass, all members of Stranger Station.

And grooving on the Fender Jazz, too. This is about 1991.

This is North of the Border, a fusion trio featuring Mark Eshuis on drums and Nol Sikking on piano, ca. 1995.

Here's Paul on double bass again, performing with one of his favorite European musicians, drummer and vibist Frits Landesbergen, in 2000 in Holland. Frits is also featured on Paul's CD Open Country.

Together again: a reunion concert with Monty Alexander, in 2001, with Frits Landesbergen this time on drums.

This one was taken in 2002 at a live recording session for Blue Jack Records of the famous Dutch singer Greetje Kauffeld, with Cees Slinger on piano, Ferdinand Povel on sax and Jo Krause on drums.

This is Monty Alexander and Paul at the recording session for Paul's CD Open Country in May of 2002.

Playing a concert of the music of Thelonious Monk, in June 2003 in Amsterdam.

Mike del Ferro Trio in Algiers, 2003, with Sebastiaan Kaptein on drums.

A two bass duo with old friend John Clayton at the North Sea Jazz Festival, 2003

This is the Paul Berner Band in Jazz Club de Tor in Enschede during the Open Country tour in 2004.

Here's the band during the same tour in Kraai en Balder, Eindhoven. (Frits Landesbergen's vibes can be seen in the lower right corner.)

In August 2005 we started with a new line-up: two guitars (Ed Verhoeff, Peter Tiehuis), drums (Hans van Oosterhout) and bass. Here at Pol's Place for Jazz in Bergen op Zoom.

Back in the Tor again in 2006 with the new band, around the time that we finished the new CD Running Outside.